National Eat Your Vegetables Day

The headline says it all: It’s National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17th. And how great that it is on a Monday, 4 days away from the official start of summer, to get you underway to a healthy start! This “holiday” should be everyday but I digress.

What veggies are in season in June?

Here are 3 of my most recent ygl vegetable recipes:

quinoa-hdrQuinoa Cucumber Salad with Cranberry Salsa

plantainhashPlantain Kale Hash

greenbeansSmoked Pepper Green Beans With Shiitake Mushrooms

What delicious veggies have you been eating lately?

  • Olivia Lane

    That plantain kale hash looks delicious!!!!! I’ve been eating lots of peas lately. We have some wee shelling ones in my little container garden and a friend brought some fresh picked sugarshap peas from her garden to a party this weekend. Mmmm…

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    • Yoli Ouiya

      Thanks Olivia. I am a big fan of plantains. I could eat them everyday.

  • Deborah Davis

    Thanks for a beautiful post! You make vegetables look so good!
    I also love eating fresh, organic vegetables in season.
    I am a big fan of quinoa so I love the quinoa recipe. I just made a pot of quinoa this morning in fact. I want to try the plaintain kale hash since I try to have kale every day.
    I usually find a way to add shitake mushrooms to most meals, so I will be trying that recipe as well.

    • Yoli Ouiya

      Thank you Deborah! I love veggies too and like them even better when they look good. Just had quinoa for lunch today!