Birthday Gratitutude

Today is my :born: day. To me, it is just another day. I’m here posting with a low key commitment to Luvvie’s 31 day writing challenge.

I wanted to take a brief moment to express gratitude, appreciation, and joy for everyone who reads this site, shares it, and leaves their feedback. It is a journey I’ve enjoyed in its entirety and will continue to travel while being open to all the opportunities and learning lessons it provides.

Many loves, hugs, and thank yous to my blogger boos as I refer to them who have been my accountability and hustling partners including but not limited to and Marie They have supported me, allowed me to vent, and grow; To focus on myself, my brand, and creating a circle that is absolutely necessary when you jump down the blogger hole. And they just happen to be my friends. My green goddess Eden Di Bianco and Karama Horne of have been there and part of the green crew I trust. My sisters, parents, brothers, and my mister are there everyday, in and out, and my existence would not be the same without having them here. I love all of you.

There are tons of people I’ve meet along the way and there isn’t a person who hasn’t been an integral part. Every moment, person, point in time, hand shake, hug is a moment to grown, learn, share, and be apart of the universal energy. I humbly accept my place.

I will be giving away some books and knick knacks on the Facebook page today so follow along there if you haven’t already Enjoy the rest of your weekend!