X Marks The Next Trend for TrollBeads

If you haven’t been living under the proverbial rock, you may have heard of Trollbeads before. The Swedish company has been making trolls and charms since 1976 in Denmark. “The first bead was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 faces. It was designed by Søren “Silversmith” Nielsen and sold from his father Svend’s jewelry shop in central Copenhagen.

Later, glass, gold, gemstones and pearl beads were introduced and new locks were designed making it possible to add or remove beads and experiment with different combinations.”

xtrollbeads1Last week, X by Trollbeads made its debut in New York, which allows you to design your bracelet, necklace, chain, whatever you have in mind using rubber x, bronze, silver, or gold links then adding your charm of choice. I particularly like Rubber x as it is steel coated with rubber to give soft feel and black is always on trend. It also is quite affordable with the Rubber x link priced at $2.00. Bronze links are $31, Silver $31, and Gold $796.00.



xtrollbeads5As you can see there are an array of ways to design you custom accessory. The charms and links available for X by Trollbeads are just as fun and dazzling; From your zodiac sign to Chinese astrological signs and various charms by designers Lone Løvschal, Tomas Cenius, and Kim Buck. There is sure to be something that becomes your coveted piece. As you can see in the above and below images, the charm is also a link serving a dual purpose.



xtrollbeads8This is my custom X by Trollbeads with brass, Rubber X, Love Charm, and silver. Isn’t she lovely?

xtrollbeads9Here are just a small sample of the charms and links available. In the future, I’d want to make one with my astrological signs (Leo and Goat) . I definitely could see this being a great gift for friends and family, especially a couple with his and her bracelets using the Eternity Charm and Rubber X links. Now I want one for me and my mister!

How do you like X by Trollbeads? What would be your signature piece?


Update 10/4/13
And I got my lioness.