Watch What Happens in Your Body After Eating Processed Food

This is a video from 2011 TEDxManhattan Fellow Stefani Bardin. In the video, they compared how the body digests a processed food meal vs whole foods meal.

The results show how the body inherently has a much harder time breaking down the processed meal. Where as the whole foods meal breaks down with much more ease. The struggle to break down the first meal is what leads to gastrointestinal issues, the sleeping feeling you get sometimes after eating, and what I suspect contributes to aggregating diseases such as Crohn’s disease.

  • Olivia Lane

    Fascinating! Guess Armegedon Ramen isn’t something we should be putting in our bodies. LOL! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Yoli Ouiya

      lol even though I ate plenty of it during college, no more. Hopefully it isn’t still living in my body!

  • Anna Roberts

    Oh wow! This is absolutely disgusting. I can’t imagine how long a Big Mac would take to digest seeing as it shouldn’t even be considered edible. Now I get why kids usually have stomach aches when they eat at McDonald’s. They’re little bodies are probably working overtime to digest the food. Yet McDonald’s still refuses to use actual ingredients and continues to target kids specifically when they don’t know any better. These poor kids probably see a commercial and think that the burgers will make them happy, not that the sandwich will probably still be being digested three days later. Ugh,I don’t know how anyone can justify serving such processed food when it only make people more unhealthy.