Tracy Reese Talks NYFW Self Care & Backstage with Ouidad

This was one of my favorite and quickest interviews this year as Tracy Reese, post a successful Fall fashion show for NYFW, shared valuable tidbits. Besides my total obsession with her spring prints, her winter line offered a cool and collected urban bohemian look I adore.

PhotoGrid_1391974384594Backstage, Ouidad created wispy, “Just got out of bed but I still look fabulous” looks. Jason Hallman from Ouidad said, “So, today we are at Tracy Reese fashion show, and Tracy’s patterns are really bold and emotional. And that’s really what we are doing with the hair looks today. So we’re using Ouidad sea salt spray in order to set curls on hair that doesn’t really have a lot of texture. So we’re doing a two strand twist, we’re spraying it with some sea salt, we’re using a flat iron going away from the cuticle to really create a little bit of frizz. It’s going to give you a really nice zigzag pattern. Now if someone has a lot of texture, what we’re using is play curl spray and kind of reactivate the curl. it has a lot of antioxidants to really cater, hydrate, and give that curl an amazing look.”

Jessica Scott of Ouidad salon in New York shared, “Right now, I just used the mongongo oil, to protect her hair from any type of heat damage.”

IMG_0183I seized a coveted moment to chat with Ms. Tracy about how she emphasizes self care during such a stress and pressure filled fashion week.

How have you tried to stay stress free during fashion week. What have you been doing to take care of yourself?
Well just trying to eat healthfully and drink a lot of liquid because you get so dry when you are stressed out. So, I am on a regiment of green juice and all kind of flu busters and I take my supplement, because we’re not getting much sleep.

You have to kind of get quiet every morning and sort of help yourself together, and just not focus on any negative issues but just keep it upbeat.

Your clothes are really beautiful. So is there anything in nature that inspires you?
Oh, so much, you know I have that (winter) landscape print, because there’s beauty in what we might perceived as the ugliness, as well as like a beautiful spring print, you know that’s like my idea of winter. Nature is always a huge influence, even if it’s a great day,or it makes you a little sad, and that draws you to a particular color.

Here are a look at some of the looks from the Tracy Reese Fall collection:



Photo credit: Yoli Ouiya, Photo with Tracy Reese: Jessica Andrews