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Upgrading Him to Tom’s Natural Deodorant

We take a moment to reflect on unfavorable pits and their natural solutions.

Eileen Fisher Gets Really Fashionably Sustainable

Fisher keeps setting the bar for ethical fashion and making it the norm.

Blending vs Juicing With D’Vida Health Founder

We examine which provides the most nutrients and in what form

Earth Day 2014 Offers and Sales

No celebration is complete without a sale!

America’s Waste in Focus: A Photoseries

Highlighting real families, their waste habits, and their solutions.

Slow, Cold Pressed Juicing with Juicepresso

Taking an inside look at the newest slow pressing juicer on the market.

Refresh Your Closet with Swapdom

One of the most eco-friendly ways to refresh your wardrobe is by shopping at thrift stores; making what’s old new again. You can also got to swap parties or swapping events like the NY Swap Team. But what if you could do so without ever having to leave home? Welcome Swapdom, a digital way to refresh your wardrobe by shopping in other people’s closet. This is a perfect way to

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Bohemia Conscious Exclusive Collection from H&M

The new Conscious Exclusive collection from H&M will be available starting April 2014, just in time for Earth Month. The Exclusive collection is a line of their higher end, sustainable pieces. A quick look at the line resembles an aesthetic mix of urban hippie, bohemian chic, and the feminine conquistador. There are a vast number of sustainable materials used in this seasons collection including: tencil, organic mulberry silk, recycled polyamide,

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Who Would Make Off-Grid Illegal? Cape Coral, Florida.

See how one town is making eco-friendly living a challenge.

Green Your Spring Cleaning with Duane Reade

Get your home clean without chemicals.