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Go for Glow: Natural Hacks for Radiant Skin

Skin care is not just skin deep! The biggest organ in your body (your skin!) requires a multi-dimensional and holistic approach that cares for both mind and body. When we give our skin the TLC it deserves, it livens up, it radiates and boy does it glow! Luminous skin flows from within, and reflects that we care for ourselves from the inside out. Skin TLC looks different for each of

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Give Your Tootsies Winter TLC

Give your Tootsies TLC with an At-Home Foot Spa Treatment.

Korto Momolu Gives Shea Moisture Face

Natural beauty brought to the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Upgrading Him to Tom’s Natural Deodorant

We take a moment to reflect on unfavorable pits and their natural solutions.

Cyber Monday Green Deals 2013: Home, Beauty, and More!

Before you go cyber shopping today, make sure you register on Fatwallet and Ebates to earn cash back. I use fatwallet all the time and have gotten over $25 in cash back in the last few months. Check back throughout the day for updates on deals and pricing. Home Peugeot PM20613 Elis U’Select Electric, Stainless Steel Click Here Current retails price is $69.95. Update: On sale for $55.96. Sleep Innovations

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Get Your Hair and Skin Glow On: Black Friday Sales

By Julienne Ouiya Here are some great products to add to your winter glow arsenal! Whole Foods: up to 40% off Whole Foods Market celebrates ‘Fair Friday’ this weekend sale with up to 40 percent off select fair trade products such as Dr. Bronner’s Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil at 40 percent off. Make sure you purchase the 30 fl oz to get the most bang for your buck. I

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9 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste

This infographic highlights some smart and efficient ways to reduce water waste in the home, from choosing recycled products to having a meat free night 2 times a week. What are some ways you reduce water waste in your home?

3 Steps To Take When Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

I received a note today from a high school friend which spurred this post today. “So I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I’m absolutely clueless about gluten free foods!! Can you offer any suggestions?” Step 1: Breathe. Accept. Plan. Being diagnosed with Celiac is a game changer, not a life ender. No need to panic or to throw pasta against the wall. It just means you will be paying

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Birthday Gratitutude

Today is my :born: day. To me, it is just another day. I’m here posting with a low key commitment to Luvvie’s 31 day writing challenge. I wanted to take a brief moment to express gratitude, appreciation, and joy for everyone who reads this site, shares it, and leaves their feedback. It is a journey I’ve enjoyed in its entirety and will continue to travel while being open to all

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YGL Natural Sunscreens Guide

“If I had to offer one “cure all” tip for skin care that spans across every age, it would be “WEAR SUNSCREEN”,” says Eden Di Bianco, Natural Skincare Expert on Yes, You Need Sunscreen :: 8 Tips for Protecting Your Skin. And I concur, especially if you live in polluted, urban environment. I’ve been working on reviewing natural sunscreens and felt perhaps to avoid any bias, perhaps testing on another

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