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Fashion Night Out ’11::Yoli’s Picks

Updated 2011-09-02 9:40am est. I use to avoid fashion night out because I thought oh just a bunch of snot nosed teenagers looking to spot some couture designers. Yes, I was wrong in my assumption. Depending on where you are, the crowd can get out of hand. But if you plan and go earl, you can get lots of of your FNO evening. Fashion Night Out in NYC is fun

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Healing Teas :: Keeping You Warm, Cutting Colds, Fighting the Flu

Today’s guest post comes at the perfect time. Aisha Alayande, herbalist and owner of, shares some tips on teas that will warm the body, boost are immune system, and fight off an annoying cold/flu. Use these tips along “Top 5 Natural Ways to Prevent and Fight a Cold or Flu” to support you this winter season.

Eco Sol Food :: Moving into the New Year Full of Accountability and Forgiveness

Every day a new lesson is learned, if I choose to experience as such. I have meet a lot of new people, had harmony, fun, discord, disagreements, love, anger, and I probably could spend another 10 minutes just listing the range of emotions experienced. What I am grateful for is accepting that being eco-friendly and sustainable is not an autonomous way of living i.e. what you buy, what you eat,

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Hello world!

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Holiday Veg Food Guide :: The Main Course

The Main Course Now it is that time of year, my excuse for overindulging in seasonal veg foodie far. When I ran my catering business, I had an annual holiday meal delivery service for 5 years. In honor of that tradition and in prep for your weekend shipping, here are some recipes and products you can use to make a well-rounded veg holiday meal.

Juices and Berries :: Green Gingered Lemonade {Into the Juicer}

Juices and Berries will be a new occasional post highlighting some of my fav juicing and smoothie combos. I made this particular juice this am…great way to commence any day. Green Gingered Lemonade 1 bunch green kale 2 red gala apples 1/2 lemon 1 inch piece ginger (less for milder flavor) Juicer :: Kale. Apple. Lemon. Ginger. Repeat :: Benefit Highlights Vitamin K, A, C, Bs, Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Potassium,

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Nu{trient} Foods :: Avocados + Cali Avocado Coupon {Re-post}

by Yoli Ouiya and J. Lucas, contributing writer This post was originally published July 6th. The California Avocado Commission contacted me and sent some updated nutritional information thus the re-post. Make sure you also print out these coupons as they may be gone within the next day or 2! I eat avocados at least 2-3 times a week. I love them… and guess what…. they are great for you. Avocados

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Healthy Alternatives :: Out with the White In with the Quinoa Pasta

This is a first in a new series I created called Healthy Alternatives. You may have read or heard about the drawbacks to eating white foods be it white pasta, white bread, white rice etc. Essentially those types of products are stripped of their outer shell which holds fiber and valuable nutrition. Thus leaving your white food product potentially just a filler food. Some reasons to replace white pasta in

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Nu{trient} Foods :: Avocados + California Avocado Coupon

I eat avocados at least 2-3 times a week. I love them… and guess what…. they are great for you. Avocados are one of the healthiest fats you can consume. One friend liked my guacamole so much during the summer of 2006, I got the nickname Yoli Guacamole. I have a particular bias for Hass avocados; they are rich, creamy, and o so tasty. Nutrients High in vitamin b6, c,

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Green Your Weekend :: VerTerra Dinnerware

One of the easiest ways to green all the outdoor activities and celebrations is to switch up what you eat with/on! “VerTerra is the best solution for chic eco-friendly, party-ready disposable dinnerware. Our products are made from 100% renewable and compostable fallen leaves.” They have the plates in a variety of sizes, even bowls. They are current on sale at Whole foods at various prices in the range of 3.99-4.99.