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Op-ed – Operation Conservation: The Military’s fight to protect nature

It’s easy to think of tanks and trenches when a military installation comes to mind. And it’s true, much of our nation’s bases are home to tanks as well as everything else that goes boom. While such imagery showcases the constant turning of ground, the clearing of vegetation, and the soiling of water, military installations have for a while acted as conservations and assisted in the preservation of natural environment

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The Cost of Many in Apartment Communities – Real Recycling

    The Importance of Reducing and Reusing in an Apartment Community…… I remember the day that we decided to make a difference.  It was, of course sparked by less than noble intentions like money, but nonetheless we saw an impact.  I was working as a maintenance tech/porter for a pretty nice apartment community in a northern Dallas suburb.  It was relentlessly hot that particular day and dancing heat waves

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Paint Your Office Green With Sustainable Habits

Working in an office for seven plus hours a day can lead to sedentary and wasteful habits. Here are some ways of creating a greener office that are easy, economical and healthy too. When not in use, make sure to turn equipment and appliances off or put into sleep mode such as computers, photocopy machines, printers, scanners, and coffee machines. Computers are one of the office staples that consume the

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