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Embrace Space…
And Leave the Furniture Behind

Leaving my home and my furniture behind in Chicago in 2012. I set out to explore the the world. I have lived in some interesting places since: a Korean guesthouse in Thailand, a closet of a warehouse in Melbourne, an exuberant, funky share house in Noosa and a 1980’s caravan in the Australian bush of Queensland. At the beginning of the year my partner, Jonathan, and I moved from the cramped

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America’s Waste in Focus: A Photoseries

Highlighting real families, their waste habits, and their solutions.

Who Would Make Off-Grid Illegal? Cape Coral, Florida.

See how one town is making eco-friendly living a challenge.

Green Your Spring Cleaning with Duane Reade

Get your home clean without chemicals.

How To Make Your Home Eco-friendly (Infographic)

As a followup to Here’s What To Look For When Building Or Buying A Green Home and for those of you who are more visually inspired, check out the infographic below that shows what areas of your home you can make more environmentally friendly. From solar panels on the rooftop to energy efficient washer and dryers, there are many options to get you started. Click on the infographic below to

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Here’s What To Look For When Building Or Buying A Green Home

Green living is more than the new on-trend fade. Along with living a healthier lifestyle, it includes reducing overall consumption, especially with energy and resources. The majority of which can be done when you are choosing or building your home. Although many people think, “I’ll just put solar energy on my house and it’s automatically green,” it isn’t quite that simple. A series of considerations and steps must be taken

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5 Energy-Saving Tips

Going green can seem like a daunting undertaking for such a big, worldwide problem. But with a mind shift and accepting that your small changes can have a big impact, instituting energy-saving habits will be quite easy if you put your mind into it. To jumpstart your new and improved green lifestyle, consider starting from home. Going green is not only earth-friendly, but can significantly save you a lot of

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Cost of Electricity in U.S. Expected to Rise Despite Less Reliance on Coal

This post is contributed by Oransi. ​The cost of electricity in the United States continues to rise rapidly, and depending on each state’s resources and plans for future energy production, may rise faster in certain regions than others. Certain factors, such as climate and the availability of coal and other natural resources, can play a role in electricity prices. The level of snow pack and stream flow in areas that

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Bamboo Flooring Problems – Tips for Getting Around Them

This is a sponsored post in association with Bambozzle contributed by Mark Hutchsion. There were no requirements that I express a particular point of view also known as all opinions I expressed are my own. Note from EIC Yoli: I love bamboo everything. It is an extremely eco-friendly option since it grows so quickly (as it is a grass) and is readily available. I will definitely opt for bamboo flooring

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H&M Takes Conscious Sustainable Style To The Home

Did you know that H&M has a Conscious – Sustainable Style Home Collection? Neither did I until yesterday! I picked out some of the pieces that stood out and ALL of the pieces below are made with organic cotton. So far, it looks like the home items are only available online. From duvet covers for adults and babies, to table runners, the collection is offers an array of items that

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