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The Latest in Green Tech: Part Two

Green Tech straight from CES 2014.

The Latest in Green Tech: Part One

All Electric BMW i3 The BMW i3 is one of the most sustainable, luxury cars on the market from the exterior to the interior. Overall, 95 percent of the materials used to manufacturer the vehicle can be recycled, even the lithium-ion battery which can be re-purposed as storage in solar or wind power systems. Read More Solar Cooler The SolarCooler is the world’s first portable, solar-powered refrigeration cooler. This sustainable

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Toyota Turns Birmingham’s Magic City Green

Almost 2 weeks ago, I received a special invitation to attend the Magic City Classic with Toyota’s Green Initiative. My curiosity was instantly piqued for a few reasons. The first being, what could Toyota really do besides show some cool and trendy hybrids (been there, done that). The second point of intrigues was why Alabama and I’ve never been to either the state or a classic or homecoming of sorts.

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Have Old Tech and Electronics? Recycle at NY Upcycle Fest Launch in Brooklyn

Did you know that upcycling doubles the environmental impact of recycling? Why? Well it keeps devices out of landfills and goes toward helping organizations raise money. In particular, the Upcycle Fest will raise money to support Prospect Park and the City Parks Foundation. This Sunday, October 27th, 2013, from 9am to 2pm and Monday, the 28th, from 8am to 2 pm, Upcycle Fest will accept the following products for free:

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