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Toned-Up Thursdays Fitspiration: Standing Stretches from EM Techniques

Today’s Toned-Up Thursday video comes to you from Emory Moore where he highlights some standing stretches as a means to save time and to challenge. Enjoy! Standing Stretch Series from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.

Toned Up Thursdays:: “Back” Tips and Basics by Em Technique

Time has flown by so quickly as we will most likely zoom past spring into summer. And I know as far as I’m concerned, getting a beach body is high priority. One area that doesn’t get a lot of emphasis is your back. No, really, your back, not behind back. Ever start to get concerned that you’d start to get pudgy in that area? Well I do. Below is a

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A Bit of #yglFitspiration: 93 Year-Old Yoga Instructor

We all have those days when getting out of the bed is the least favorite option and working out moves further down on our to do list. Mondays tend to be one of those days. On days like today where we get to embrace mind over matter, #yglFitspiration will be a reminder that age doesn’t define our wellness, but whole body health does. Today could have been one of those

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Shadowing Carmelo Anthony for a Day

When I got asked to shadow Carmelo Anthony for a day as he debuted PowerCoco aka #TNGSD (The Next Generation Sports Drink), I said absolutely. Not only do I appreciate the brand and it’s intentions, but I also appreciate Carmelo choosing to emphasis and promote healthier products. Watch the following video to get a feel for the days’ experience. Carmelo gives advice on eating healthy and staying motivated to workout!

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