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Tips on Planning for Self-Care after Travel

Just because your vacation is over, doesn’t mean your self-care should take a backseat.

Embrace Space…
And Leave the Furniture Behind

Leaving my home and my furniture behind in Chicago in 2012. I set out to explore the the world. I have lived in some interesting places since: a Korean guesthouse in Thailand, a closet of a warehouse in Melbourne, an exuberant, funky share house in Noosa and a 1980’s caravan in the Australian bush of Queensland. At the beginning of the year my partner, Jonathan, and I moved from the cramped

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The Cost of Many in Apartment Communities – Real Recycling

    The Importance of Reducing and Reusing in an Apartment Community…… I remember the day that we decided to make a difference.  It was, of course sparked by less than noble intentions like money, but nonetheless we saw an impact.  I was working as a maintenance tech/porter for a pretty nice apartment community in a northern Dallas suburb.  It was relentlessly hot that particular day and dancing heat waves

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Healthy Ways to Meet New People

Sometimes you’ve to reinvent the wheel to meet new friends.

An Automated Home Garden Is Now Reality

How the automated urban cultivator came to be and challenges along the path of innovation.

Seeing Syracuse, New York

Discovering Syracuse in the Summer

Alcohol: Bad for You, Great for the Environment

That hangover is reducing your carbon footprint more than you know.

America’s Waste in Focus: A Photoseries

Highlighting real families, their waste habits, and their solutions.

Packing A Green Lunchbox

Making a fun “to-go” meals for you and your family.

Green Living Tips For New Parents

Implement some baby steps to eco-friendly living for your newborn.