Eco-Chic Beauty {Green Feet Review} :: Zoya Color Lock System and Spring/Summer Polishes

We are officially in the beauty summer season. The ladies also know this means it is the season of pretty feet and even prettier sandals. Our feet are finally liberated from winter hibernation and what better way to show appreciation by adorning the feet with the beautiful spring/summer colors.

My experience with natural nail polish over the last few months has been disappointing. Some of the key problems have been lack of endurance, chipping, and fading colors. I had an opportunity to use the Color Lock System by Zoya. The system is suppose to extend the like of your pedicure and manicure by a deliberate system that accentuates and locks the color. I chose to try Zoya because the polishes and treatments are not only vegan-friendly but are all free of toluene (human reproductive toxin), formaldehyde (carcinogen), DBP (phthalates – has been shown to contribute to infertility, uterine cancer, fetal defects) aka the bad stuff and camphor.

I used the nail polish remover first to remove any residue. The remover comes in a very efficient styled bottle; it has a vertical pump dispenser like the nail salons ie you place your organic cotton swab on the top, press down, and the remover is pumped up. The smell is nonabrasive with a touch of lavender which was a pleasant surprise. It removed old nail polish quickly and didn’t leave my nails/hands feelings dry. I then applied the Anchor Base Coat and chose to use one of hot pink sparkles colors in their spring/summer colors line. After you allow all to dry, I applied the Armor Top Coat then the HurryUp Polish Drying Drops which helped a lot for quick drying. The system also comes with ridge fuller base coat and Renew Nail Polish Rejuvinator which can be used to extend the life of your nail job. So after all this, my nails survived an amazing 11 days before I had to do any reapplication. I was astounded considering other nail polishes in the past only last maybe 3-4 days at most, with chipping.

As for polish colors, Zoya has a great variety and asking me to choose one is like putting me in vegan bakery heaven and asking me which one dessert I would have… in other words, not fair! But alas I choose the Zoya Nail Polish Flash Collection and the Zoya Nail Polish Sparkle Collection.

I have been wearing the color Alegra from the Sparkle Collection religiously and have received lots of compliments. The ease of application and consistency of the colors and texture make it a new fav. Ladies, get your green feet together with Zoya.

Now for the savings. Zoya Color Lock Bonus Promotion is now running; when you purchase one Zoya Color Lock System Kit you get one Zoya Remover Refill for free a 32oz bottle. The kit usually costs $48 but the promotion has is marked down to $40.

Individual bottles of the polishes are $7 and the Collection Samplers are $36 (comes with 6 colors). This is very comparable to other natural polishes on the market that cost between $7-10.


YGL staff