Eco Sol Food :: Moving into the New Year Full of Accountability and Forgiveness

Every day a new lesson is learned, if I choose to experience as such. I have meet a lot of new people, had harmony, fun, discord, disagreements, love, anger, and I probably could spend another 10 minutes just listing the range of emotions experienced.

What I am grateful for is accepting that being eco-friendly and sustainable is not an autonomous way of living i.e. what you buy, what you eat, how often you recycle. It truly is encompassing eco (your environment) friendly. How and what you think, your perceptions, actions, feelings relative to what and who is around you should be friendly. “I recycle and I’m mean spirited” are separate and certainly not equal, so they shouldn’t be a part of my life equations.

I had a series of situations that I look back on and appreciate them for happening but a small voice screams doh! I have to take my ego being jilted or my moment of embarrassment with a grain of salt. So how do I move forward? Well I figure I have two options. Be a bitter, angry chick or move forward and forgive. The former only leaves me with a world in which I take poison and expect the other person to suffer. The Latter allows me an opportunity to take responsibility for the situation, forgive myself and thus whomever else.

Now with all this forgiveness, does this mean I allow certain people back into my life? Not necessarily. I accept that people come in and out of your life when they are suppose to; Everything in divine time. If I trust my intuition, there are some situations I can go back to and clear off. That doesn’t mean voicing displeasure or having a tantrum. To clear off simply means speaking to a person about said situation with a sense of accountability r.e. I take responsibility for the experience you had and I’m committed to doing my best moving forward.

Committing to sustaining a friendly environment is an important ingredient in growing eco-friendly awareness throughout my community. Through my interactions online and off, I have come in contact with many people, organizations and communities seeking to empower others with their message using uninviting or unflattering tones. Recognizing that I am accountable for that behavior at times, in 2011 I commit to speaking serenely, thinking sustainably, and feeling harmoniously in all realms of my life and invite you to invoke the same.

Happy New Year Eco Lovelies!
In Love + Lite + Health,


YGL staff