The After Food Glow via NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

If you put me in a food mecca with food that I can actually eat, then you have made my life complete. The NYC Vegetarian Food Fest was a mecca of sweet, savory, and delicious eats.

Below is a clip from PIX 11 news reporter Sharon Carpenter :: @sharoncarpenter :: who covered the event and yours truly is at the end of the piece. She did a great job of covering some of the highlights of the festival but there was so much that couldn’t be show.

Some of my favorite brands and eateries were vending including Regal Vegan and her yummy Faux Gras, FoodSwings {these guys and lady are so awesome in person and forgot to take their picture, they were wearing angel and a cute devil costumes}, Sweet & Sara, Chicago Soy Dairy, Nutiva {I missed out here too!! They were selling their hemp oil in glass for only $8}, and so much/many more. Many people waited in line for over 2 hours just to make it into the venue and unfortunately not everyone was able to make it in ::sadness::

Alas, it was a great day.

Nira Paliwoda was the head lady maestro in charge and was constantly calm and produced a great show with ease.

With @terryhope as the moderation, myself :: @yoliouiya :: and fellow #NYCVFF panelists @AYINDE and @TheHealthyApple , we discussed How To Transition Into A Balanced Vegan Diet. My point of focus during the panel was How To Transition Into A Balanced Diet period and to start incorporating more fresh produce and healthy pantry staples re grains, legumes etc into your diet.

Fran Costigan ::@goodcakesfran:: lead a very informative and delectable demo of chocolates and desserts. She is a master of vegan pastries.

I still think I’m experiencing raw chocolate hangover. On that note, I need to have a salad… now. Thank you to everyone who made this event happen, particulary Nira and Sarah, the vendors, chefs, speakers et all. Have a great day everyone and I hope to see you next year!


YGL staff