December ’11 Green Coupon Roundup

Please check back often as I will update this post as new coupons are made available. If you have any coupons that I should add, please send them along to You can use these coupons at any major supermarket including Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Double Coupon Alerts: Look for the coupons with * to double coupon alerts.
$1.00/2 Welch’s Sparkling Juice Cocktails (any flavor)
$0.75/1 Bag or Box of Crunchmaster Crackers
$0.80/1 package of Truvia natural sweetener
$1.00/2 boxes of Stash Tea
$1.00/1 Oregon Chai Product
$2.00/1 full size JASÖN body wash
$0.40/1 can of Diamond Crystal Sea Salt
$0.75/1 Sokenbicha – Zero Calorie Unsweetened Teas
$3.00/1 YES TO natural skincare product purchase of $10 or more

Mambo Sprouts
$1.00/3 CLIF Bar Energy Bars
$1,00/1 Bag or Box of Crunchmaster Crackers
$1.00/1 Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread*
$1.00/1 Woodstock Frozen Vegetables
$1.00/1 Kiss My Face Moisture Hand Soa
$1.00/1 1.5L or 1L bottle of Jana Water
$1.00/3 Fig Food™ Soups or Beans
$1.00/1 Zevia All Natural Soda 6 pack (Any Flavor)
$1.00/1 Country Choice Organic Product
$1.00/1 Dorset Cereals Product

Whole Foods November|December Newsletter
(There are print copies available in Whole Foods Stores)
55¢/1 Alexia Oven Fry or Alexia Oven Red Product
50¢/1 Annie’s Organic Orchard Fruit Bites
$1.00/1 Arrowhead Mills Baking Product
$1.00/1 Box Celestial Seasonings Tea
$1.00 off/1 Divine Fair Trade Chocolate Advent Calendar
$1.00 off/1 Dream Non-Dairy Beverage or Frozen Dessert
$5.00 off/1 Garden of Life RAW Meal or RAW Protein Powder
$1.00 off/1 Imagine Product
$1.50 off/2 Nature’s Path Organic Waffles or Hot Oatmeal
$1.00 off/2 Pacific Natural Foods 17.6-oz or 12-oz Organic Soups
$1.00 off/1 Bag Popcorn Indiana Brand Product
$1.00 off/1 Putumayo CD
$1.00 off/1 Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread*
55¢ off/1 10-oz San-J Tamari Soy Sauce
$1.00 off/1 Spectrum Naturals Product
$1.00 off/1 SunSpire Product
$1.00 off/1 64-oz Earth Balance Organic Soymilk
$1.00 off/1 Bag Terra Chips (4-oz bag or larger)
$2.00 off/1 Kyolic, Kyo-Green, Kyo-Dophilus or Moducare Product
$2.50 off/2 Zevia 6-packs
50¢ off/1 loaf Ciabatta Bread (from our Bakery)
$1.00 off/1 box 365 Everyday Value® Daily Multi Pack (30 packets per box)
$1.00 off/1 24-oz or 32-oz Health Starts Here™ Soup (from Prepared Foods department cold case)
75¢ off/1 2-liter bottle 365 Everyday Value® Cola, Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime or Root Beer
50¢ off/1 12-oz pkg 365 Everyday Value® Dark Chocolate Mini Chunks, White Chocolate Chunks, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
50¢ off/1 3.5-oz bar Whole Foods Market™ Organic Chocolate Bar: Dark or Milk
50¢ off/1 bag 365 Everyday Value® Organic Wild Rice Mix, Rice & Lentil Medley or Rice Medley

$1.00/1 Any Florida Crystals® Product
$3.00/1 Any MyChelle Skin Care Product
$2.00/1 Any Earth Science Product
$2.00/1 Any 16-oz Olive Leaf Complex Bottle
$1.00/1 Any 8-oz Olive Leaf Complex Bottle
$1.50/1 Aura Cacia Electric Aromatherapy Air Fresheners
$1.00/1 100% Pure Essential Oils
$1.00/1 Aura Cacia Skin Care Oils
$1.00/2 Simply Organic Spices, Grinders & Extracts

$0.50/1 Nature’s Pride bread or hamburger buns
$1.00/2 purchase of both Archer Farms Chips/Tortillas (organic varieties available)
$1.00/2 select Lipton tea items
$1.00/4 12- or 16-oz. Archer Farms® frozen vegetable items
$0.50/1 5-lb. Gold Medal flour (organic variety available)
$1.50/1 purchase of both Archer Farms® pasta sauce and dry pasta (organic varieties available)
$1.00/3 select General Mills cereals
$1.00/3 Kellogg’s dry cereals
$1.00/1 12-oz. Burt’s Bees Baby shampoo and wash
$1.50/1 Select GE light bulb packs
$2.00/1 Biotrue multi-purpose contact lens solution

$0.75/1 package of Truvia natural sweetener
$0.55/1 Florida Crystals Natural or Organic Sugar Product
$0.65/1 Domino Organic Agave Product

Coupon Network
$2.00/2 GoodBelly Quarts
$0.40/1 Stevia In the Raw Products
$1.75/2 Ester-C® Items

Individual Brands
Silk Soymilk coupons

Pacific Natural Foods
$1.00/1 Pacific Natural Foods Soup or Broth
$2.00/1 Pacific Natural Foods Frozen Pot Pies
$1.00/1 Pacific Natural Foods 17.6 oz Hearty or 12 oz. Condensed Soup

newmans own organics
$.50/1 Mint Tins
$.50/1 Chocolate Cups
$.75/1 Licorice Twists

$1.00/1 Rudi’s Organic Bread

$1.00/1 Any Alexia Side/Product


YGL staff