Healing Teas :: Keeping You Warm, Cutting Colds, Fighting the Flu

Today’s guest post comes at the perfect time. Aisha Alayande, herbalist and owner of TheHealingPot.com, shares some tips on teas that will warm the body, boost are immune system, and fight off an annoying cold/flu. Use these tips along “Top 5 Natural Ways to Prevent and Fight a Cold or Flu” to support you this winter season.

Tis the season to be healthy and stay warm. To do this you’ll need to arm yourself with some of natures best weapons. Herbs like elderberry, echinacea, ginger, sage and garlic are sure to give a boost to your immune system while fighting your attackers.

During the cold and flu season, garlic is a great herb to take initially because it keep viruses at bay and kills bacteria, fungi and parasites that will increase your chances of getting sick. You can eat plenty of raw garlic or take a capsule that has at least 4,000 mg of allicin per day.

2-3 cups of elderberry and echinacea tea stimulate white blood cell activity and work to inhibit the enzyme that flu viruses use to penetrate our cell membranes. This tea or tincture can lessen the duration of the symptoms as well as decrease its severity.

If you have a fever, a sage bath can help lower body temperature and sage tea also clears phlegm, fights germs and can be used as a gargle to fight throat infections.

Ginger is great for warming the body if you have chills and helps with congestion. Drink more when you not feeling too hungry or have cold hands and feet.

Any or all of the herbs mentioned are a wonderful way to stay healthy and comfortable during this season and all year round. Remember to eat smart and drink plenty of water to maintain good health. If pregnant or breast-feeding check with your health care provider before using herbs and in any case seek assistance before consumption. Be well and be blissful.


YGL staff