Holiday Veg Food Guide :: The Main Course

Now it is that time of year, my excuse for overindulging in seasonal veg foodie far. When I ran my catering business, I had an annual holiday meal delivery service for 5 years. In honor of that tradition and in prep for your weekend shipping, here are some recipes and products you can use to make a well-rounded veg holiday meal.

Recipe :: Braised Seitan* over Mire Poix

This was a favorite among my clients. *Tofu or Portabello Mushrooms can be used instead.

1 medium onion
6 carrots
3 celery stalks
3 lbs of seitan (large, whole pieces), tofu (cut a block in half), or portabello mushrooms (whole and cleaned)
6 cups vegetable stock
sea salt, pepper for seasoning
A tied bundle of dried rosemary and thyme

Preheat over to 375 degrees.
Dice the onion, carrots and celery to the same size, as much as possible, so that they cook evenly. Set to the side.
In an oven-friendly pot, add oil and heat over high flame.
Season your protein with sea salt and pepper.
Add your protein and brown quickly over high heat on all sides.
When complete, remove your protein and add more oil to the pan.
When hot, add the chopped vegetables and saute over medium/high flame until slightly caramelized, about 6 minutes.
Spread the mirepoix across the bottom of the pan and place your protein on the top.
Add the bundle of herbs.
Add enough vegetable stock to come about halfway up the sides of protein and veggies. If you want, you can add 1 cup of red wine to the stock.
Transfer the pot to the oven and let bake for 1 to 1 1.2 hours. Check every 30 minutes to make sure liquid has not completely evaporated.

Prepared Foods

Field Roast’s Hazelnut Cranberry Roast
I have sampled the Hazelnut Cranberry Roast and it is a wonderful replacement. It tastes wonderful with the aroma of the holidays and is filling.

A sumptuous, rich grain meat seasoned with toasted hazelnuts and rosemary stuffed with asausage style mixture of Field Roast, cranberries, apples and crystallized ginger. Wrapped encroute with a rich vegan puff pastry

Available at Whole Foods (currently on sale for $18.99) and local health food stores.

Gardein’s Stuffed Turk’y
Available at Whole Foods (currently on sale for $5.99) and local health food stores.

The Tofurky Roast Meal
The frozen meal includes One Tofurky® Roast, Savory Giblet Gravy, Wild Rice, Whole Wheat Bread Crumb Stuffing, Tofurky® Jurky Wishstix, Organic Chocolate Cake from Amy’s Kitchen, and Happy Tofurky Day card & coupons. Each feast is 100% vegan, cooks in about an hour and serves 6.
Currently on sale at Whole Foods for $19.99. They also have just the Roast available for $9.99.

repost from November 23, 2010


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