Prepare Now for Allergy Season

I always forget about allergy season; then it is too late. The pollen has hit. the rain has stopped, and I am a mess of itchy eyes and sneezing fits. This year, I’m committed to creating a different result. Let’s Go!

Dust & Spring Clean
Read Spring Clean/Detox Your Kitchen, and apply to your entire household.

In addition:
– Donate old clothes that you have not worn in 1-2 years. It is time to let go Please be aware that I will be taking my own advice as I have a basement clothing museum.

– Change your filters in your air conditioner and HEPA air purifier.

Body Talk
Read my post Have Allergies? Some drug-free tips and remedies to combat hay fever from last season for foods to curb and increase as well as some nutrients that support you during allergy season.

In addition:
– Start taking quercetin and nettle supplements now. They need at at least 1-2 months of intake for your system to absorb the benefits and be prepared for the allergy battle. Both quercetin and nettle provide natural antihistamine protection. You can take in supplement form and/or up your intake of veggies that contain quercetin such as onions, green/black tea, most red fruits and vegetable, dark leafy greens.

– There are some who believe using locally produced honey helps support building up immunity to local pollens. There of course is a great debate in the vegan community about the use of honey since many consider it to be an animal product. While most commercial production of honey is cruel and invasive, there are some local producers who are also vegan and care for their bees immensely. If you are open, investigate and talk to you local producer and make a decision that works for you.

Get Your Water Game Tight
Water not only provides hydration; It eliminates toxins from the body. This is super important especially during the allergy season. Allowing your body to go into a state of dehydration will create a haven for histamines to latch and create havoc.

Stop Stressing
A study in 2008 by Ohio State University revealed that stress and anxiety can actually make seasonal allergies worse. Create habits and activities now that combat a stressful day. Consider yoga and meditation for at least 15 minutes as part of your early morning routine. During the day, make sure to take breaks and moments of self reflection. AND BREATHE. I even have a bad habit of holding my breathe periodically and not realizing I’m doing it. Take conscious breathes throughout the day, as it is a natural means of releasing tension in the body.

Now I feel like I’m prepared for the allergy season and hope you do too! If you have any other suggestions and methods/supplements etc that have worked for you, please leave a comment below.


YGL staff