::Summer in the City:: Wildflower Pop-up

Fellow Chef Ayinde Howell hosted a planet-based pop-up restaurant at LTO (Limited Time Only). The various menus that were available and I having a weakness for all things brunch went for the Sunday Brunch Menu. When i arrived, I ran into Demetrius @vegand and we were able to dine together.

Unfortunately, the waffle machine had broken earlier in the day and my plans felt defeated. I ordered the substitute rendition of The Closest I’ll Come To “Chicken and Waffles”. But alas, some light, fluffy pancakes came in their place topped with Spicy Tempeh, a small amount of whipped cream, and strawberries I ordered on the side. The combo of the smokey, spicy tempeh with maple syrup was classical inviting. We had a side of the Bacon Placebo which arrived with two different types. I preferred the simple slice of tofu that was had a similar flavor profile to jerk seasoning. The placebo, flat in texture and crispy on the outside, while tasty, was missing just a hit more of smokiness for me.

The entire experience and culinary creativity (especially on the fly adjustments to equipment defects) were greatly appreciated. Chef Ayinde hopefully will create more dining experiences, so that those of you who were not able to make it this time get a proverbial do-over.


YGL staff