Best in Green Beauty at the HBA Show ’12

Here are a few great green beauty finds from the Hair and Beauty Suppliers Association show. Typically, I don’t post about HBA because I rarely find something to rave about. This year, they tricked me and made me a believer.

Me and the Girls

Me and the Girls is a organic line of skin care products by Sharon, a former critical care nurse. She wanted to develop products that not only supported women and girls, but create a product that impacted health in a progressive way sans toxic chemicals. The magical key ingredient throughout the line is cupuca seed butter, which “possesses a high capacity for water absorption giving it superior moisturizing properties.” Sounds like it would be a great addition to winter skin care regimens. Sharon was incredibly friendly and I love that a large part of what she does actually goes back to great organizations such as GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), Women for Women International, and The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood.

Naked Princess

I first learned of Naked Princess a few months ago when their mini glosses were part of a gift bag I received. The packaging enthralled me, the product kept me. This eco-lux line out of Beverly Hills is absolutely captivating. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging coupled with quality products. Touting no parabens, phalates, or gmos ingredients, products like the 24k Love Dust, the body & boudoir candle, lip treatments and the body & boudoir spray (which I MUST have) will keep you feeling as luxurious as the product is. Oh, and the 24 Love Dust…it really does have flakes of 24k Gold.

Grand Beauty Central

As you can see from the accompanying picture, I had an opportunity to try the SMART skin perfecting mask by Grand Central Beauty on the show floor. It certainly felt like a scene out of one of those movies; having a face transplant etc. SMART stands for smooths, moisturizes, anti-aging, redness-reducing, and tones. I can agree that in the 10 minute treatment, most of the factors are true. I can’t necessarily say I looked younger but there was a definite difference in all the other areas. The mask literally peels off after 10-15 minutes and has a nice cooling effect. They come in little dry pods so they are travel friendly.


Most beauty lines these days have a one stop shop, heal all, be all you can be products. Previse takes a Ayurvedic approach customizing your skin care to your skin needs. After answering a few questions using their online personal skin care consultation, you are matched with a number that fits your type. My skin care number is Type 6 which is for people who :have very high levels of naturally occurring melanin.” Love the language and acknowledgement that various levels of melanin need different treatments. With ingredients like Panthenol (vitamin B5), apricot kernel oil, lavender, algae extract, this line plants a new face on skin care.


Many of us are taught and know that sexual health is of the upmost importance. But when was the last time you’ve heard of post intimate care? I know I haven’t until I was about to walk by SheAfterCare, and glad their booth caught my eye. No this is not She by Sheere. It is so much more. SheAfterCare touts themselves as “The World’s First Skin Science System Created for Sexual Health.” Sex can alter your ph balance and also caught irritation depending on many conditions. AfterGlow is a cleansing tissue, Afterit is a cleaninsing foam, AfterShave is for personal grooming and AfterTrace is a natural scent neutralizer. I look forward to trying them all to see if they really make a difference.

What are some great green beauty finds you’ve found recently?


YGL staff