Blk Water Splashes into the Health Market

About a year ago, I attended a buyers expo for natural products that I’ve attended for over the last 6+ years. Walking along aisle after aisle, you see some of the same products repetitively, just in different packaging. Then I walked past the Blk Water table. I questioned my vision, stopped, and walked back. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this blk water tasted like regular water. Then I listened to some of the touted benefits of its secret ingredient: fulvic acid. If you didn’t know, many foods that have color or melanin, hold a charge or energy. It absorbs more just like people who have more melanin. Which is why I always say your plate should look like a painting with various colors of veggies etc.

Fulvic are organic electrolytes which contain and transport essential nutrients, essential and trace minerals in a highly charged bioavailable form and serve as an outside electrical force. They charge, recharge and restore the potential that is or once was to the normal cell, and in doing so, balance and supercharge cellular life.

They regenerate and prolong the time essential nutrients remain in the cells, enhance the permeability and circulation of cell membranes and greatly increasing the absorption of these nutrients. Scavengers of free radicals, fulvic minerals restore and regenerate cellular life.

The metabolic rate is increased and maintained. Heavy metals and free radicals are removed from body systems and the activity of numerous enzymes is increased. When combined with other nutrients, absorption is greatly improved.

Fulvic Acid contains all of the phytochemicals, amino acid peptides, and nucleic acids from the original plant matter in highly refined, concentrated form, enhanced by the actions of microscopic plants. Latent solar energy is also stored. It was nature’s intention to participate at every level and link along the food chain to relay these energies and nutrients to every living cell creating optimal health. Fulvic Acid supports inner harmony and physical well-being.1

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Albie Manzo, founder of Blk water. Check it out!

For more information about Blk Water visit their site and like them on Facebook.

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