Setting Yourself Up to Win In The New Year : Sustainable Vision Boards

Sunday is usually not a posting day for moi but with the new year upon us, this was a must!

MY vision board is alllllmost complete with an array of images and words that represent what I am committed to creating in my life. Part of ultimate health starts with your mindset. Pay attention to the words I used in the first sentence and even in the title. The key phrases being “Setting yourself up to win” and “I am committed”. Words are powerful tools to set intentions that will not only condition your mind but also let the universe know where you’re committed to going in life.

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision board is literally a visual representation of your goals for the year, for your life and whatever your focus is. It provides a place to see your daily affirmations and to keep your attention heightened towards your goals.

Materials you’ll need:

Poster Board: In my instance, I recycled cardboard boxes and turned them into poster board sizes. There are also recycled poster boards available for purchase online.

Glue: I used Rubber Cement as it is made from natural rubber, is acid-free, photo safe, dries clear, and allows you to reposition things If needed.

Magazines: Lots of used magazines. Check different places like dentist office and salons to see if you can get their old magazines. Also check and/or post adds on freecycle or craigslist to get free magazines. I like to use a variety of issues that speak to my personal goals so this year I used Better Homes and Gardens, Oprah, Whole Living, Real Simple, and some brochures. The issues I am done with, I’ve posted on freecycle for the next person to use.

Set your intention first before you cut and glue. Is your vision board for 2013? What are you committed to creating in your life? Do you want better health, to get married, have children, take your career to the next level? You can literally have it all. Meditate on that for 5 minutes then get to cutting. Cut out images and words that speak to your spirit and to your goals. It is a fascinating process if you let your authentic voice speak. Everything you need is right there and comes before you. After you have cut out most of them, you can move forward and start to glue. I find it easier to create sections for example the top of my board focuses on renewing and healing myself. Another section can address your career or home life.

I created vision board panels so that way I can create several to place around the house. A mini one for the bathroom and for the fridge, a three section panel for the living space, and I will create a portable one in a mini notebook that travels with me.

So what are you up to; Will you create a vision board to move into committed execution for next year? Share some of your concepts!


YGL staff