DIY Kate Spade Necklace by Accessory Remix

Today’s DIY comes from jewelry designer Enovia Bedford of Accessory Remix. I had the opportunity to see this cute piece in person and said I must post it for everyone else!

It’s Fashion Week in New York. To many New Yorkers Fashion Week is the two times of year we can wear those extra special outfits in our closets. We wait all year to see those ferociously clad models strut down the aisles with faces beat by the best and hair whipped by wizards. I attend shows, parties, snatch up awesome gift bags, smooze with the best of them, smile for the cameras and enjoy all of the surroundings. I also pick up an idea or two straight from the runways that I share with you all. This years inspiration was from the Kate Spade 2013 Spring show. Her models walked in color blocked outfits with bold touches of Lucite jewelry. This brings us to our next MIY (mix it yourself) project. Lucite and Gemstone Necklace!

Kate Spade Lucite Necklace

Notebook Dividers
Buttons, flat back stones, etc.
Nail Polish

Dividers are supper flexible and a great source of MIY projects.

Nail Polish- We constantly use nail polish in the jewelry world as a quick
fix to many things. It expands your spectrum of color and creativity. Pick your favorite colors!

Step 1

Get your buttons and do a quick enamel with nail polish. For detailed steps see instructions here. Lay your buttons , flat back stones our whatever you choose to use on your divider. I used blue.

Step 2

Trace a general outline around your buttons. As you remove each button mark with a dot the placement you want for your buttons.

Step 3

After you mark each spot, dab a small amount of glue on the back of your button. When you push the stone onto the divider the glue will squish around on the back, too much glue equals too much to clean up.

Step 4

Use your hole puncher to make a hole, make sure you make the hole far enough from the edge that it will not rip. I used round nose pliers to make my hole. The hole puncher will give a much cleaner hole. Twist the link at the end of your chain to open and insert it through the hole.

Step 5

Your necklace is all dry! Take your scissors and trim around the stones. Make sure you leave room at the top to connect your chain.

Step 6

You’ve added your chain, add your clasp to one end by twisting the link at the end of your chain open, inserting it through the loop on the bottom of the clasp and twisting it back.

Your necklace is finished! You are ready to throw it on and rip the pavement as if it’s your personal runway


YGL staff