Giving Back :: Eileen Fisher Creates Confidence, Planting Healthy School Food

Giving back is now part of the modern human gewnome. We support various organizations because they are in alignment with our personal morals, goals, and ways of being we aspire to embody. Today, I highlight to campaigns that I very much support and believe in.

Plant a Healthy School Lunch Fall Gala

Every year, the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food hosts a wonderful fall gala that support this non-profits efforts in educating children about healthy plant-based foods. This year, your support is needed more than ever as they deal with new plateaus from financing challenges to delays on the administrative side of school food.

On Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, at the New York Academy of Medicine, with hosts Alex Jamieson, Kathy Freston, and Jane Valez-Mitchell, over 200 guests get to indulge in food from 20+ restaurants, chefs, and caterers from around New York.

Click here or on the invite for more information and to purchase tickets.

Eileen Fisher Strives to Create Confidence

Since I’ve started engaging with the Eileen Fisher team, I’ve always noticed that giving back and creating strong female communities was integrated into their structure. They recently launched a great campaign called Creating Confidence. By using social media, EF wants to raise awareness and support for women and girls. So by leaving a comment on their facebook page about why supporting women and girls is important to you, EF will contribute $5 dollars towards and end goal of raising $10,000 to distribute amongst 26 nonprofit partners.

We have until October 10th, so click here to visit their Creating Confidence Campaign and leave a comment. You can also follow conversation on twitter with hashtag #CreatingConfidence.


YGL staff