GreenBeauty Chat :: Natural Sunscreens, Spring Trends

Every Thursday, I host #wmnhealth chat on twitter, 9pm EST.

At least once a month, the topic is Green Beauty from the inside out with myself, @EdenDiBianco, @savvybrownblog, @RebeccaCasciano, and @organicvixen.

Here is a round up of some of the green beauty products mentioned during the chat, ones we’d love to try, and spring transitional tips.


I love the @Zoya_NailPolish colors for spring and summer #wmnhealth

@desertessence has line of coconut-infused products + 1 of my favs @HarmlessHarvest
Crazy For Coconut :: New Products Infusing Coconut Goodness

I realllllly want to try the @JohnMastersNYC Natural Mineral Sunscreen

…started using the concentrated Rose Hip Seed Oil by @M_STEVES and I likey

“I want women of color to know that if you live in an urban environment, you at least need a natural sunscreen,…..
cancer is real”-@yoliouiya

@DLCBrooklyn also has upcycled jewelry, made in #Brooklyn Check them out 4 green/sophisticated but edgy pieces!

I’m a #makeup artist. It’s called PRIMER! Try Nurturing Force primer. PS don’t use Smashbox it’s Estée Lauder. #wmnhealth

“Loving brights on eyes & lips also doll lash trend. It’s SO cute. But wary of semiperm lash xtensions. Bonds r toxic!”-@EdenDiBianco

I’m really into reclaimed/upcycled jewelry. ISn’t this pretty? #green #eco #wmnhealth

Yes! I use @origins plantopia (Plantscription) for eyes. IT’s $$$ but I went to @sephora and got a sample (free) luv it!

I use organic rose hip oil around my eyes all the time and it really helps w/wrinkles #wmnhealth

“hydrate ladies! I now sleep with a tabletop humidifier and my skin and hair are very happy!”-@savvybrownblog

Hi All! Chiming on on #sunscreens. Just started using @Soleil_Organique and like it! #wmnhealth

My girl @SpiritBeauty swears Vive Sana for face, looking forward to trying! #wmnhealth #safesunscreen

Question: @savvybrownblog: Question..can I put sunscreen arnd eyes? #wmnhealth
Answer: @RebeccaCasciano I wouldn’t. But @SoleilOrganique makes an eye therapy

“hydrate ladies! I now sleep with a tabletop humidifier and my skin and hair are very happy!”-@RebeccaCasciano

lots of brands like @ClubMonaco have recycled and fair trade jewelry

there are also subscription based programs to help people discover new products like @consciousbox @ecosytiletto @naturalbuys

I’m all about that $10 and under sunscreen! Even @BurtsBees makes the budget!…extremely thick! Better for visits to the beach!

@ewgtoxics has a great list of tested and safe sunscreens. Even an app!”-@organicvixen

Here is @ewgtoxics Sunscreen Guide


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