Health Makeover :: Day 9 – Yoga and Mellow Yellow Watermelon Smoothie

This post will be updated throughout the day with my progress.

I started off pretty well with the Health Makeover. By the 3rd day, I was running a minimum of two miles. But then the weekend hit and I fell off the fitness cliff. But today is day 9, a new day, and I am back on track. During last night’s #wmnhealth chat, I acknowledged my lack of follow through and re-committed myself to really stepping it up.

Started off the morning with 30 minutes of yoga and 25 ounces of water immediately after.

Mat of choice, Gaiam Sol Jala Yoga Mat. It is 4mm thick, made from 100% natural rubber, and in the 3rd picture you can see the fine mesh overlay which helps the yoga mat stay in place. I like the slight springiness of the mat and it allowed me to hold some of the more challenging poses more comfortably.

I can honestly say I feel very clear minded, focused, and I am actually sitting upright at my desk versus slouching over. Next up on the list: 25 more ounces of water before 1pm and a smoothie.

12:25pm est Mellow Yellow Watermelon Smoothie

I just put some left over watermelon in the freezer. You can use any type of watermelon you want. If seeded, you can actually include the seeds in your smoothie, as they are a good source of fiber.


1 1/2 cup frozen yellow crimson watermelon cubes
1/2 cup (or more) of coconut water
1 TB maca powder
1 TB hemp seeds
1 TB chia seeds
1 tsp agave or alternate sweetener (optional)


I spent the rest of the afternoon into early evening walking. I practically walked everywhere… I estimate (and based on tracking) I walked a good 5 miles today. For a snack, I treated myself to a veggie patty from a local bakery, 1 nectarine and 1 pear. For Dinner, we are going mexican. Quesadillas made with spelt tortillas, shitake mushrooms and daiya cheese, plus guacamole.


YGL staff