Marley Exodus Headphones Make Me Feel Eco-Irie

A few nights ago, Mister and I watched the Marley documentary that originally premiered in April at select theaters. I was super happy that VH1 featured the documentary for Rock Docs. It was such a well executed piece of cinematography that captured history. I enjoyed it immensely and if you have an opportunity to see it, please do. It is available for rent or dvd purchase on Amazon.

As a result, I had to post my review of the House of Marley Exodus On-Ear Headphones, retail for $149.99 and available on Amazon for $144.99 with free shipping (underneath the 144 price, there is a link that says $99.00 new but takes 1-2 months to ship).

The headphones are constructed with recycled materials including FSC certified Beech wood, recyclable aluminum, copper and leather. The packaging is also made from pulp, recycled plastics and recycled paper.

The cord is made from fabric which increases the durability and reduces tangling. They are on-ear headphones, so they sit on your ears, not cover them. The band that adjusts along with the ear phones are seemingly uncomfortable at first, especially if you wear glasses. they take some adjusting to get use to it and make comfortable.

Don’t let the price fool you; More expensive does not always mean more quality. While looking expensive with a nod to a retro aesthetic, the audio quality of these headphones are excellent. The clarity on all levels is excellent. The bass is deep and resonating without the annoying jolting feeling. One feature I discovered was that it’s mobile friendly with 3 button mic, which I am still learning how to use and if it can be used with non-apple products.

The one thing that does need adjustment is the soft pouch that is included. It is difficult to get and keep closed. But that isn’t a deal breaker.
By now, you have figured out that I like these headphones, a lot. Hopefully, with future editions, they can continue to improve on the eco-friendly factor by replacing the leather with a different recycled material. They are sleek and stylish, and a bit more on the masculine side. If you want good, eco headphones that perform with the more mid to high end headphones without breaking the bank, these are definitely for you. Exodus satisfied my musical soul.

Disclosure: Headphones were provided for review by House of Marley. I received no other compensation and no requirements that I express a particular point of view.


YGL staff