Nutrition & Mental Health :: My Chat with @TheSiweProject

Here are some highlights from my chat with @TheSiweProject #TSPchat about Nutrtion, Wellness, and Mental Health.

@TheSiweProject: What foods have an adverse effect on mental and emotional health?
@yoliouiya: Foods that effect mental+emotional health include: fried foods, soda, processed foods, too much sugar.
Too much caffeine and sugar have adverse effects on all levels of wellness one thing I encourage people to do is keep a food journal to start charting what effects them.

If you can chart what foods have what reaction on your body and emotions, you can create process of elimination.

If you notice every time u have a bag of potato chips, 2 hours later I am feeling tired, sad etc possible culprit.

Healthy fats are absolutely ESSENTIAL to mental health. Omega 3s and 6s should be your best friend.

@TheSiweProject: What foods have Omega 3s and 6s?
@yoliouiya: Nuts, Avocados, olives, Chia seeds, hemp seeds. all good sources of healthy fats…monounsaturated fats.

Vitamin D is also your best friend.. Numerous studies show vit d and depression have a direct correlation.

Alcohol also is a depressant so in a lot of moderation. You don’t have to deprive yourself just be mindful.

Potassium is also a great energy booster so good source is coconut water.

@TheSiweProject: I know people have a difficult time cutting things. Do you recommend substitutions or is it best to just cut it out?
@yoliouiya: Substitutions can work depending on the item. If you have a choice between grapes and candy, go for the grapes

It is summer time. Take advantage of all the fresh fruit and veggies that are available. winter is coming.

If you work indoors a lot, make it a priority to take your lunch break outdoors.

Also be mindful of what you keep your food in. I use the following example all the time. Have you ever kept a water bottle in a car… and you see the bottle starts to break
down? Well it takes heat to form that plastic. So if it is breaking down, where do you think those chemicals are going?

@EFBizGrants:: Why does dairy become so hard to digest as we get older?
@yoliouiya: As we get older, our organs are not always as efficient and able
to process foods the same way. The stomach doesn’t change much but ability 2 break down food does: less saliva, dehydration etc.

@TheSiweProject: What is one diet change we can make right now to improve our mental health?
@yoliouiya: One immediate diet change: Use a whole grain like brown rice or quinoa, even though quinoa is more a seed.

I think fiber is crucial. If you are not having a movement after you eat…increase your water intake and fiber.

@TheSiweProject: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the link between mental health and food? The floor is yours.
@yoliouiya: Inflammation is not your friend. add garlic, turmeric to your diet. Some irritants for ppl are nightshades. Nightshades include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant. See if it triggers a response, if so reduce or cut out.

A clear body is a clear mind. If you can allow your body to do it’s job without giving it more to process, the better.

@TheSiweProject: How soon does a reaction appear for foods that you should watch out for?
@yoliouiya: Reactions may happen immediately with rash/hives or over course of hours. That is why food journal helps

And people, don’t get hung up on drinking 8 glasses of water. Water comes in many forms!
Clean water is beneficial but you get water from 100% fruit juice, fruits like watermelon, tea

I think a big component of mental health is avoiding dehydration. Why are you making your body work so hard.

The brain is 70% water, so if you get dehydrated. Think of what you are doing to your mental health.

I try to carry my stainless steel water bottle with me. r.e green living: What are you washing your clothes in? What are you sleeping on? We can talk in future chats.

@TheSiweProject: Does stuff like that also
affect emotional health? It makes sense but I never thought
of that! This is great!

@yoliouiya: Be kind to yourself… from the inside out. And every thing else will fall into place. yes… smells, scents, chemicals all effect your mood. Even energy of others.

#PHA (public health announcement) after this chat, I need everyone (including me) to go drink 16 ounces of water and then go take a 5 minute walk.


YGL staff