On the Road to Six Flags for Toyota Fun

When Christen from DivasandDorks.com, asked if I wanted to join her on a #ToyotaFun road trip to Six Flags Great Adventure , I said “Heck Yeah.” There were two parts to this trip that I was intrigued about; riding in the Toyota Prius C (one of their newer hybrid models) and creating new memories at Six Flags. I haven’t been to Great Adventure in years. It was a consistent trip I took with my family during my pre-teenage years. My family never lets me forget how I bust my bum in the park. I really mean never. Now is it clear why I wanted to create new memories? Surely.

I wanted to learn more about the Prius C since I didn’t get a chance to see or ride in one during the NY AutoShow – Green Cars at NY Auto Show. Some interesting features I discovered about the Prius C during the ride were:

It has a Bluetooth audio feature to link and play music from any device with Bluetooth.

The usb port on the dashboard serves as another link for audio but also charges your device.

The meter indicates how much money you are saving and it has 3 modes of operation: Normal, Eco, and EV mode. Toyota explains that “Eco mode reduces overall energy consumption by governing climate control and throttle to improve vehicle efficiency. Under certain conditions, the EV mode allows the Prius c to be driven solely by electric power for a short distance (under 1 mile) while remaining below 25 mph.”
It doesn’t have a plug! It is noted as the highest rated city fuel economy estimate of any vehicle without a plug.

The Six Flags I remember is so much the same and so different from my vantage point as an adult. The rides, the games, the food all conjured pleasant memories of family trips (besides me falling). Of course, the group wanted to tackle the biggest and baddest roller coaster first: The Dark Knight Coaster. Heights and I are not the best of friends, yet I agreed to go along since I came here to have fun. I prayed, I shuddered, and I got on. It was ridiculously fast and scary but exhilarating. And we rode it twice. This is the closest I’ll get to sky diving or bungee jumping.

The rain interrupted some of our fun. Six Flags literally shuts down all rides when there is a storm within 10 miles and with good reason. Lightning is not your friend when your 54 feet in the air on something constructing with metal. Because of the rain, we were only able to ride one more coaster…GREEN LANTERN. As you can see from the picture, that made up for the lack of other rides. I am the one with eyes closed and opened mouth, screaming.

I declined to ride any roller coaster called El Toro especially after I saw how massive it was and the speed at which the cars were flying. They weren’t to ride because another storm approached. Thank goodness. Do you see how high that is?

We really did have a great time and enjoyed what we could during the down pour. I hope to go back soon with my siblings as Six Flags would be a great stay-cation option.

What do you think of the Prius C? What’s Your favorite ride at Six Flags Great Adventure?

Disclosure: Complimentary ticket courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure for review and giveaway. I received no other compensation and no requirements that I express a particular point of view.


YGL staff