Sobering Health Infographs

On today of all days, I saw numerous wishing Michael Jackson Happy Birthday and remembered today he would have been 54 years old. Between a dysfunctional medical system and poor diet, many of our friends, family members, and people we loved like we knew them ie Michael, are gone way too soon. I am posting these infographs showing some of the health data relative and degenerative diseases in the United States. The purpose is to take a realistic look about how we participate and/or contribute to these statistics with out own personal habits. When is the last time you enabled an eating habit or picked up a quick snack that you know wouldn’t serve you? I know I am the queen of the quick, veg cookie but today, I’ve made a commitment to significantly reduce my sugar intake. My liver will thank me for it.

Sober up!

This last infograph is particularly interesting. It definitely speaks to the notion of “everything in moderation,” even pertaining to deluding oneself about personal health.


YGL staff