Taste of Aruba Through Food, Culture, and Music

Hearing the word Aruba immediately transports my mind to dreams of beautiful, sandy beaches, plentiful sun, and rich coconut trees. With an invitation to experience the Taste of Aruba in New York from the Aruba board of Tourism board, there was no hesitation in my absolute yes. Taking place at The Kitchen NYC, I walked into an alluring room filled with warmth, bright colors, and friendly people.

Art by Elisa Lejuez, an Aruban artist and fashion designer accompanied by curated music by Jonathan Vieira, the Aruban director of Aruba’s Center for the Performing Arts and musician, accompanied the menu for the evening.

Here is Chef Urvin Croes hard at work. He is the owner and head chef of White Modern Cuisine in Aruba. My palette was very happy that night with the courses that were served that night.

While other were served the lobster version of this dish, I opted for the veg.
Cilantro avocado creme, compressed watermelon, cucumber, cashew nuts in a lemon & lime dressing

Stewed plantains, semi-roasted tomatoes, plantain chips, caramelized onions and soft polenta.

Fresh fruit, sponge cake with a lemon meringue. Tres lechi inspired dishes were also served that included an eggnog soup that I am itching to make dairy free.

The guests at my table filled the night with their personal tales of Aruba and luckily one gentleman gave me much insight into the sustainable practices of the island. For example they recycle the sea water to use on the island and they have a massive wind power farm. Little details like this gave me an insight into an island that truly makes the most of the natural resources it has.

From food bloggers to seasoned travelers, we were taken on a journey to get a taste of all Aruba has to offer. And for that I am grateful and craving more.
Thank you to the team of people from the Aruba tourism board, including Otmar Oduber, the Minister of Tourism (pictured in the middle to the right of Chef Urvin), who were instrumental in curating this night Aruban art, food, culture and music. I hope to visit soon.

Have you ever take a trip Aruba? For more information about this green destination, visit Aruba.com.


YGL staff