The Health Makeover Series

With the transition of the seasons, getting older, and not maintaining a proper diet, a host of issues have come forth from feeling sluggish to thinning hair and some weight gain. This is when I realized, I needed a health makeover. I will highlight optimal foods for weight loss and overall wellness, document different workouts that won’t bore me, and of course grooming. While all these things address the physical, I will also document the emotional aspects and serenity through mediation and adopting a commitment to mental wellness. Part of that entails not engaging in negativity or listening to perpetually negative people, and by staying focused and positive.

Tonight, join me on twitter via hashtag #wmnhealth and/or facebook at 9pm EST as we discuss preparing for the Health Makeover if this is something you would like to take on for yourself. We first get to discover the whys and then the hows.


YGL staff