Toms Styles My Soles

Myself and other media folks had an opportunity to visit the TOMS NY Showroom and preview their Summer 2012 collection.

If you are not familiar with TOMS, you probably have seen their shoes are many feet around New York.
TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 when upon traveling to a village in Argentina, saw that many of the children had no shoes. Thus the creation of TOMS that insured that for ever pair of shoes purchased, a child would receive a pair of shoes as well; One for One.TM

I spotted these flat beauties. On the left is Reina and on the right is the Gabriela. Love the indigenous prints and they look super comfortable. The estimate price point is $89 and they will be available on in mid May.

The best part of the evening was getting an opportunity to custom design my own TOMS shoes. I call my creation “The Painter’s Shoe”. Notice the lack of precision but attention the gradient detail. So much fun! Wish I took picture of some of the other creations of the night. Thanks to TOMS for hosting.


YGL staff