Top 10 Resolutions to Green 2012 #EcoWed

I usually participate in #ecowed on twitter every Wednesday. This week’s chat was hosted by @YourOrganicLife Danika Carter.

From Me (@yoliouiya)
1. One green resolution I have…. migrating to and restocking glass jars with pantry staples #ecowed #noplastics
For glass jars, so many options. Basic Mason Jars or even cost effective ones from Ikea #ecowed
“I also like Container Store for glass jars. They have good ones that stack & recycled glass #ecowed “-@YourOrganicLife

2. Also, I’ve been looking to create my own dining travel kit with fork, spoon knife.. or get a bamboo set. #ecowed

3. Great resolution that I’ve followed for years…buy more bulk food items. That way you can bring own container and control portions. #ecowed

4. Final Resolution… continue to support and educate people that sustainable living doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or confusing. And that sustainable/green living is an investment in long term and overall health….#ecowed

From @YourOrganicLife
5. To make your resolutions successful, make them attainable & be gentle with yourself #ecowed

6. An easy resolution is to give up paper towels. Was sooo much easier than I thought it would be. I like to keep @PeopleTowels in my purse & car to eliminate paper napkins when I’m out #ecowed

7. This year I’d really like to get reusable glass and stainless straws

8. I want to start keeping pyrex dishes in car so don’t have to take leftovers home in styrofoam #ecowed

From @women4earth
9. Women’s Voices for the Earth’s resolution #1: empower thousands of women to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals #ecowed

10. WVE’s #2 resolution: Convince major corporations to stop using toxic chemicals in everyday products #ecowed


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