When Your Body Has Had Enough, Time for a Reboot

This transitional weather has been taking a toll of many of my family and friends including me. The lethargic lulls in the day, minimized productivity, and moments of unfocused limbo I attribute to the changing weather and my body making those same adjustments. Here are some ways you can reboot and boost the immune system to make the transition easier.

Open a Window after it Rains

Yes…open a window, especially after it rains. The air and ground has literally been cleaned. Fresh air is the current of life. So it should be in your home too!

Clean Slate 24 Hour Fast

I came up with this 24 hour fast almost a few months ago in response to queries about fasting and ways to detox. It is very effective to do when you feel that depressing winter weather pull.
Click here to read about the Clean Slate Fast

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice of using unrefined oils and swishing it in your mouth to remove toxins. I’ve also found it to be helpful is reviving a sluggish system. It is a practice that many of my fellow bloggers have now adopted since I rave about it being the key deterrent when I trying to take over my life. Click here to read about Oil Pulling

Get Rid of DUST

Many people are allergic to dust and may not even know it. Allergies to dust have a variety of reactions ranging from hay fever symptoms (watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing) to asthma to swelling under your eyes and facial pain/pressure (connected to sinus reaction). And if you are having any of these reactions and you don’t have a direct cause, then it is imperative that regular dusting occur in your home to see if it makes a different. Allergic reactions can leave you feeling depleted and tired.

Be sure to check out my post 5 Tips for Staying Healthy during Transitional Weather that offer a range of other ways you can reboot.

What are some other reboot methods you use when your feeling tired?


YGL staff