5 Unusual Energy Sources

Many of us have heard of the alternative energy options like solar panels and wind turbines. And they are becoming quite common place. But have you ever heard of TEGwear, Ecobutton, Soccket, Epiphany onE Puck, or InStep NanoPower? Neither had I until this infographic came along. I love a good infograph that gives you one big flow of visual information.

I’m super interested in the InStep NanoPower as it is inexpensive and converts mechanical energy to electrical power. Talk about making your workout electric! Imagine walking around in your nanoSneakers all day and being able to charge up your phone from it? Very cool.

Even the onE Puck drink coaster that charges your cellphone is fascinating. I can re-imagine an even more sustainable coffee bar with these little units attached to tables. No more converging on coveted outlets to get a quick charge.


Do any of these energy sources peek your interest?


YGL staff