A Bit of #yglFitspiration: 93 Year-Old Yoga Instructor

We all have those days when getting out of the bed is the least favorite option and working out moves further down on our to do list. Mondays tend to be one of those days. On days like today where we get to embrace mind over matter, #yglFitspiration will be a reminder that age doesn’t define our wellness, but whole body health does.

Today could have been one of those Mondays for you…that is up until you see this video. Tao Porchon-Lynch is 93 year-old woman who acknowledged by World Records as the oldest yoga instructor. Her flexibility, fluidity, and agility at 93 is inspiring.

My hips keep telling me nooooo but my mind says yes. To be self-sufficient and full of spirited life at that age is a blessing and takes active willingness and commitment.

I am committed to a life of agility. How about you?
Just a reminder: That little voice in your head telling you “You can’t do it”; Tell her/him to Shut it up…because you can.

*There is another woman set to be the new record holder and I’ll highlight her the next time.


YGL staff