Best and Next at NY Summer Fancy Food Show: Day Two

Last week, I choose some of the best and newest natural and organic products showing at Fancy Food Show, Best and Next at NY Summer Fancy Food Show: Day One. Here are our second batch of favs.

Artisana Organic Sunflower Butter with cacao serves as another delicious, non-dairy (and raw) alternative to nutella. It should be coming to the market within the next few weeks.

Want the crunchiness of a tortilla chip without corn and the salty, cheesiness of doritos without the dairy, excess salt, and artificial flavoring? If so, I have found the chip grail with Beanfields. These corn-free , bean based chips will leave you craving for more and are incredibly good. I found ways to chat with the owners several times just so I could snag a bite.

BOPS organic baked chips by Good Boy Organics are touting to be non-gmo, organic, gluten-free, and 65% less fat than regular potato chips.

Another nutella alternative that is more artisan with flavor profiles such as rose and cardamom. Made by the same co that makes Artisana, these single serve packs that are low glycemic and will be on the market in a few months.


In my experience, FOCO is one of the better, natural coconut waters on the market. I purchase my FOCOs at Duane Reade. With flavors like original, lychee, pomegranate, pineapple, mango and guava, I’m a fan of their nod to all the tropical fruits. But to my surprise (and excitement), they are coming out with a larger size at 33.8 floor ounces!


Lucy’s gluten-free cookies were one of my first pleasant experiences gfree cookies. I admit there was a moment where there was a slight addiction to their chocolate chip bites. With the holidays fast approaching, seasonal flavors like maple crunch, pumpkin patch, chocolate merry mint, and holiday sugar will start showing up on the shelves.


Oh happy day that Lucy decided to expand to making gfree brownie cakes! Lucy’s is always peanut, nut, milk, and egg free. They are delicious. Yes I am biased.

Navitas Naturals brings organic Dragonfruit slices to the market.
“Made from the sweeter red variety of Dragonfruit grown on small family farms in Thailand, this exotic-looking superfruit also has unusual nutrition benefits including omega 3’s, protein, iron, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that support hydration.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to taste test this powdered coconut coconut water but it has it’s way to this list out of pure intrigue and know Navitas makes quality products. This would be extremely convenient when traveling.

Oh happy day! “Did you know: Quinoa is not a grain but actually the seed of a plant related to chard and spinach.
Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it is high in protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. It has a healthy about of lysine which suppose tissue repair and growth. For those who suffer from migraines, quinoa is a good source of magnesium and riboflavin, which supports blood vessels in relaxing. Magnesium is also helpful for cardiovascular health and is an excellent source of fiber. Studies suggest that consistent intakes of quinoa may lower risks of type 2 diabetes and asthma.”- The Health Makeover :: 6 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet for Weight Loss

Now it will be available in milk form. Quinoa sometimes has a slight bitter taste if it is not rinsed/cooked properly. In the instance of this quinoa milk by Suzie’s, that is not he case. With a smooth and creamy texture, it is sure to be a hit in the non-dairy milk department. Will be available on the market by end of August.

Spelt Right sure knows how to make spelt…right. With a full line of breads and bagels, this female owned company is providing comfort foods for those of us with wheat sensitivities (as spelt is sometimes more digestible). They are made locally in Brooklyn and I am a stan for their everything bagel. Delicious.



YGL staff