Best and Next at NY Summer Fancy Food Show: Day One

Yesterday, I met with one of our newest editors, Angela, and we spent the day perusing the Fancy Food Show looking for the best and next in natural and organic products. Here are products we found and loved (or were really intrigued by) in day one.

glutenfreepieMi-Del starting in September will have a new line of gluten-free pie crusts in Ginger Snap, Graham Cracker, and Cookie. Cannooooot wait!

justinsJustin’s offers one of the very few nutella alternatives; a chocolate hazelnut spread that is vegan, dairy free, gluten free and gmo free. Yay!

numi1numi2Numi Tea brings to the market something I’ve personally not seen before: savory teas. Typically we are all use to the chamomiles, the rooiboses etc, but when is the last time you saw Carrot Curry, Broccoli Cilantro, or Spinach Chive? Probably never. They are meant to serve as those in between meal treats to tide you over.

nielsan-masseyNielsan Massey showcased their Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract but with one added certification: Fair Trade. This is the best of the best in terms of Madagascan vanilla extract.

oliveoilTerra Delyssa present their artisan line of organic Tunisian olive oils.

steviachocCoco Polo are making a lot of sugar free people like myself happy by finally producing a stevia chocolate with no aftertaste. Thank me later.

candycandy2Torie and Howard expands the availablity of organic and tasty hard candies with flavors d’anjou pear and cinnamon, pomegrante and nectarine, pink grapefruit and tupelo honey, and blood orange and honey. . Love their packing as it is so whimsical and feels like a children’s book.

chimesChimes is one of the very few companies that makes organic candied ginger that was recalled from a lead scare. The company and its reps are awesomely fun, open, and funny.

keenwahI Heart Keenwah debuted a line of quinoa based snacks that remind me of seasame bars. They offer 4 flavors of almond, cranberry cashew, chocolate sea salt, and ginger peanut.

meltMelt Organic are a line of soy free, gluten free, dairy free, and trans fats free line spreads made from organic, non-GMO AND Fair Trade Fair Virgin Coconut Oil and Palm Fruit OiL. The chocolate variety can serve as another nutella alternative. *Both products do contain honey.



YGL staff