Deck The Halls Green Guide & Giveaway

It has been quiet over here at YGL but that’s because we’ve been working hard to launch some projects for the New Year and working on this awesome giveaway. We have almost $1000 in prizes this year and watch the video for the two ways to enter!

Deck the Halls Green Giveaway 1: Health Reboot


Berry Breeze
BerryBreeze fills your refrigerator with activated oxygen to neutralize bacteria, mold and other harmful microbes. It also eliminates odors and produce lasts 2-3 times longer. Not only does it do all those great things to bring your once fridge back to life, they also provide a 1 year unconditional money back guarantee!

This is sitting in my fridge right now as I purchase a lot of produce and I can say my produce is holding up nicely considering by this time, sometimes I have to throw a few things out. this is perfect for busy beauties who buy a lot then have to wind up composting unnecessarily.

Available for purchase at You can save $15 on any order from Berry Breeze using coupon code Yoli15.


Brondell Cypress Countertop Water Filtration System
“The 3-stage Cypress water filtration system utilizes three separate advanced water filters, dramatically reducing industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), microorganisms, and bad tastes and odors.”

I’ve been using this filter for the last 2 months and it has saved my hydration wars. The water tastes clean and fresh, plus the setup took literally less than 10 minutes. It sites on my counter and is super easy to use.

The Cypress it is currently on sale for $199 and available at It is also on sale for $189 on

Also included in this giveaway is a packet of SkinnyGirl Organic Stevia and free coupons from Manns, Earth Balance, and Cedars.

Deck the Halls Green Giveaway 2: Pretty Lady, Pretty Problems


Pelcor Gold Tall Clutch
I love the elegance of this bag. It is perfect to go out on the town with the gals or date night. “Elegant horizontal clutch with chain shoulder strap. Ideal for special occasions. An interior pocket for better storage. Cork in croco pattern and details in gold tones.”

It is currently on sale with a matching bracelet for the holidays for $186 and available at The clutch by itself is typically $205.


Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum
Organic Crème pour Visage is a great cleanser I’ve used over the last month or so. It is removes make-up, build up, and moisturizes at the same time. With ingredients like including Organic Grape Seed Oil, Rosewater, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, and Organic Coconut Oil, this healthy mix also helps with imflammation and redness. Be sure to use a wash cloth to remove from your face after use. I also use a little bit as a moisturizer with the serum.

Organic Afterglow Serum provides a calming result and leaves the skin feeling relaxed, supple and radiant using ingredients such as Organic Rosehip Oils and lavender essential oil.

Neuth can be purchased on and they are currently offering a small size set for $99 and full size for $199.


Naked Princess Boudoir Candle and 24k Love Dust
Let me start off by saying that both the Boudoir Candle in Vanille Blance and 24K Love Dust are now a collectors item because it is no longer available for sale by Naked Princess but it is available in limited quantities on 24k Love Dust :: and Boudoir Candle in Vanille Blance ::

The candle is made with organic ingredients and doubles as a massage oil since the warm wax can be poured on skin. 24k Love Dust is a shimmery body powder infused with real 24K gold flakes and contains Vitamin C & Grapeseed oil for anti-aging benefits.

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Happy Holidays Everyone and
Good Luck on the giveaways!



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