Eco-Fashionable Friday :: Winter Boots

We have seen intermittent, winter action here on the East Coast (the “benefits” of global warming). But unlike many, should the big snow storm come upon us, I will certainly be unprepared with eco-friendly boots. For those who slacked like I did, we are in this together. As the snow falls outside, I’ve compiled a list of some warm, toasty boots for women and men that won’t burn a hole in our pockets or in the ozone layer.

Treton: Kelly Vinter (Women’s), Bomanbeck (Men’s)

Treton: Kelly Vinter (Women’s),  4
The Kelly Vinter’s for women are now on sale. The charcoal grey is just $43!
These versatile boots made from 100% waterproof natural rubber, PVC free, use faux fur lining. 100% post industrial mesh. The insole is EcoOrtholite. “EcoOrthoLite uses an environmentally friendly, non-food source bio-oil as a substitute for traditional fossil fuel based raw material. The bio-oil replaces 20% of the petroleum traditionally used in the polyol component of urethane foams, making the formula part of a clean, renewable resource.” The midsole and outsole are almost made from rubber.

Bomanbeck (Men’s) are also 100% waterproof, PVC free, natural rubber upper, but with plaid microfleece lining and EcoOrthoLite insole at $120.

Sorel 1964 Premium CVS Boot


At $140, the CVS Boot (women’s) and CVS Boot (men’s) are constructed from with waxed canvas upper and seam-sealed waterproofed. The rubber shell and felt wool innerboot will make sure your feet stay warm in the coldests of cold weather.

Northface Nuptsee Booties

Women’s Nuptsee Fur IV Boot – $120

Men’s Nuptsee Bootie III – $85

Both the women’s and men’s boots uppers are made using water-resistant, element-shedding 100% recycled P.E.T. The women’s boot uses a faux fur trim. With ecoOrthoLite foot beds, you get comfort, durability, and warmth to weather any snow storm in style.


YGL staff