Eco-Fashionable Friday: My Top 3 Wants

Occasionally, we see things that automatically trigger our inner toddler sensibilities and utter the words “I want”. This happens to me on occasion {aka all the time). I’ll share some of my new wants (and haves) and use this blog AS the perfect, justified excuse for covetousness.

This ethnic/african inspired print Shirtdress from Canvas by Lands End is the bees knees. Anything modern and African print makes me swoon like a stan. Priced at $88, this cotton shirt dress has been uber poplar. If you notice, the dress is on back-order and won’t be available again to ship until April 22nd! But if you’re a smart no-pants, order the dress now so that when it becomes available, you’ll be first on the ship list. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to style this beauty in my own bohemian ways series coming to YGL soon!


I spotted this Smart Car gem at the 2013 NY Auto Show…love at first sight. This 100% electric car engineered by Mercedes-Benz is customizable and also a convertible. With pricing starting at $28,000, it affordable, sustainable, chic, and anyone who truly loves me will lease it for me for my birthday. I’ll talk more about this car next week when I highlight some of the best, green cars from the Auto Show.

Fresh Paper by FenuGreen is the next big thing in the world and food and agriculture. This paper is infused with organic spices and keeps your produce fresher 2-4 times longer! And it doesn’t have to used in a refrigerator. Check back next week to see my interview with its inventor Kavita Shukla about her innovation and how it is changing the world.


YGL staff