From Farm to Fashion? Patricia Field Says But Of Course.

I remember the yesteryear of Patricia Field being the go to mecca for all things fabulously outrageous with its flagship store on West 8th street in the village. Drag queens served as sales reps and eye candy – win win. I spent many of ny after highschool days perusing her store staring at the beauties who could take an ordinary face and create magic. But to many, Patricia Field is the acclaimed and award winning stylist from Sex in the City, Ugly Betty, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and The Devil Wears Prada just to name a few of her Hollywood accolades.

farmtofashion1 Now fast forward and meet Michelle Saunders, Catskills resident and lady of leisure, swag, bearer of fresh produce, and long time friend of Patricia Field.

She recounts how her friend Patricia would come visit her in the Catskills and marvel at the availability and variety of NY fresh produce. Then couture and corn lightning struck and birthed the idea of sowing the runway.

As you can see, there are beautiful and ample supply of fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches and flowers all from local, upstate farmers. You can catch this haute farmer’s market on Thursdays and Saturdays at 306 Bowery, New York City ·





YGL staff