How Long Should You Nap For?

I truly believe naps should be a mandatory requirement for every body 7 days a week. Ideally corporate jobs would have sleeping pods for employees, which in turn would only help business, as naps provide benefits such as increased energy, alertness, and improved memory and cognition.

The Wall Street Journal offered useful recommendations for getting your best nap including the whens, wheres and hows. According to the study, the best nap for your buck is the power nap which is 10-20 minutes which avoid that “sleep hangover’ feeling that comes with 30 minute naps.

napping-infographicThe study goes on to say the ideal time for a nap is between 1-4pm as napping later could delay your ability to fall asleep later on. You can nap wherever, but ideal napping position is slightly upright. Did you know a person who dreams during a short nap is sleep-deprived? I did not. The moral of the infographic is napping is good for you and your optimal health. Before you pick up that next cup of coffee, try a nap. It will have better, long term benefits.

Do you take a nap during the day? If not, with this new information, will you start incorporating it into your day?



YGL staff