Imagine a Future – The Documentary: Conversations of Beauty and Self-Esteem

Where was this film, Imagine a Future, when I was a young lady, coming up in the world, questioning my beauty, my conversations, and overall outlook on life? My personal conversations revolved around my hair, my body and weight, eating habits, my hair (again), and at times, the color of my skin. I eventually found my way and healthier mental conversations but that transition would have been greatly supported had I known there were other girls having the same conversations. It would have created a means to engage with them and create circles of support and true friendship based on a commonalities.

Well it is here now and equally healing, even watching as an adult. I think my inner child found a sense of freedom. The My Black is Beautiful Imagine a Future Watch The My Black is Beautiful “Imagine a Future” Documentary examines beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls, and follow a young woman, Janet Goldsboro, in her journey to self-discovery. The documentary deputed first nationally on BET. The film is directed by award winning film makers Lisa Cortes and Shola Lynch and includes perspectives from Melissa Harris-Perry, Gabrielle Douglas, Mikki Taylor, Tatyana Ali, and Gabourey Sidibe to name a few.

You can watch the entire documentary below.

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What was your experience with beauty and self-esteem growing up?



YGL staff