Join Me at the last Summer Streets Tomorrow!

If you recall two weeks ago, I posted about Summer Streets in Manhattan. I made mention of a event taking place on the last Summer Street and the time has come!


Tomorrow at 10:45am, bike, skate, walk, run down to the Foley Square Stop (between Duane and Centre Streets) for a tweetup. We will be ziplining.

At 11:30am, we will get a private Parkour tour and demo from The Movement Creative.

And at 12:15pm, we will bike up to 24th and park to make a stop at the Whole Foods Picnic Stop.

What is Parkour?
You may have seen it in high action movies where people are jumping off walls, over hills, and throw the snow. But this is a more practical form of movement using your environment. Parkour is a discipline of movement and self-improvement that teaches one how to overcome any obstacle both efficiently and creatively.

“We are providing an interactive exhibit where the public can learn the basics of Parkour. We will have several stations up, each focusing on different fundamentals–balance, jumping, vaulting, and body awareness. These stations each have different challenges and games for people to try and test their abilities on. It is suitable for children, adults–of all skill levels!

Our highest priority is teaching people that they don’t have to stop playing just because they’re getting older. When children turn past 12 years old, they no longer are allowed (techincally) in playgrounds. This leaves, for teens and adults, the options of expensive gym memberships and their treadmills, competitive organized sports, or the occasional run in the park. Parkour is the alternative to all of this. It is low-to-no cost, non-competitive, and extremely complex in its offering. And so, we teach how to utilize the parks, public spaces, and city as a playground so that you can have fun, get fit, and enjoy play (safely) through all years of your life.”-The Movement Creative

If you are able to join for any or all portions, RSVP so I know you’re coming.

To RSVP, do any of the following:

Tweet ME @yoliouiya with hashtag #yglsummer and #summerstreets.
Example: Can’t wait to Parkour with @yoliouiya @ #yglsummer #summerstreets.

Email me at

Or just shout YOLLLIIIII when you arrive.

For those who rsvp, you will receive a special gift from moi. See you tomorrow!


YGL staff