Toned Up Thursdays:: “Back” Tips and Basics by Em Technique

Time has flown by so quickly as we will most likely zoom past spring into summer. And I know as far as I’m concerned, getting a beach body is high priority. One area that doesn’t get a lot of emphasis is your back. No, really, your back, not behind back. Ever start to get concerned that you’d start to get pudgy in that area? Well I do.

Below is a video showing some basic tips from Emory Moore, one of my martial arts teachers. He is an excellent teacher, in great shape, lethal, and you’d NEVER ever guess his age. He is 10 times more flexible than me and that is another one of my goals… flexibility. Hopefully in the future, we can bring collab videos about fitness. Talk about a vulnerable, digital moment. Hope you enjoy!

Health of the “Back” tips and basics – EM Technique from Emory M Moore Jr. on Vimeo.


YGL staff