What I Learned from Wayne Dwyer

On Saturday, I had a wonderful opportunity to hear Wayne Dwyer in living color During the Ignite tour. As a guest of Hay House, I was able to get up close to the stage and listen intently. One weird habit I took notice of is my consistent deferring to look at the projected video screen on the stage vs Wayne live in front of me. It was a moment for me to check in about my moments of disconnect from being in the moment and human connection. Perhaps I need a technology fast… but not before I share what was received.

Who is Wayne Dwyer? I’ll leave it to Wikipedia to tell you on “paper” who he is. Alas, I have watched him countless times on PBS specials but to experience his life lessons and insights in person was an experience I am forever grateful for. I have a new found respect for Mr. Dwyer as he was authentic, open, honest, funny, profound and did I mentioned he cursed. He was perfectly, imperfect in his representation of what he shared. Like anyone else, he has his flaws, his illnesses but creates a system of checks and balances to ground himself when a misstep occurs.

In my personal experience, one of the biggest components of health is self acceptance of where you are so you can manifest where you want to grow. Denial, resentment, anger etc is a form a of repression that always shows up in the body whether it be a back ache, headache, or tumor. There have been many times that I’ve gone to bed with 10,000 thoughts on my mind of how my day way or wasn’t, things to do the next day, stressful conversations etc; Then I awoke with a headache or stiff neck the next morning. There is an inherent correlation between what you think and how you feel. Lesson: What you think manifests itself in all areas of your life.

Here are some of my takeaways and quotes:

“We get inundated raising ourselves to become the false self…the ego.”
“All you have to do is become aware of it….(Pain) It’s physiological. This is all just repressed stuff. And you don’t have to have that anymore….there are so many of you who live with physical pain that is a choice. You don’t have to live with it if you can say to yourself there is nothing structurally wrong with my body. What I am experiencing is a continuous refusal to acknowledge the stuff that I’ve repressed throughout my entire life. And I no longer am going to deny it or be afraid of it and I am going to walk through the pain and past it.”
“The mantra of the soul is how may I serve..There are three kinds of love as explained to me by Peter Dewnov: Human love is the kind of love that varies and changes, the kind of live most of us are aware of that most of use have become accustomed to. Spiritual love that never charged but it varies…like love for child. And Divine love… when you get to a place of living from divine love (that never changes or varies), as you do, what happens is the most stunning of miracles, the right people show up, the right circumstances happen, you can’t get to this place of divine love unless your willing to let go of ego.”
“It cannot come to you if you have any judgement, criticism etc of any of God’s children.”
“I’m alright with everything and everyone.”
“There’s a way of living your life without fear…”
“There is no future. There’s only the infinite now.”
“Your soul needs to expand and grow.”
“Think about the last 5 minutes before you go to sleep…how do you usually use that last 5 minutes? Because you’re about to enter the unconscious mind. Spend the last 5 minutes placing into your imagination the I ams.”

He was speaking about manifesting thoughts of I am powerful, I am _____ before you rest so that upon you rising, the universe will conspire to provide.

“Opportunities match up to thoughts.”
“My kids weren’t raised by people who had them believe they are ordinary. I really believe that all of us are divine; all of us are connected to God…they were raised by weird parents who believed that they were Divine; that they were God. Someone once said of Jesus that the reason he turned out to be so powerful and influential is because he had a mother who REALLY believed he was God….So my children were raised to believe that they are God and they were treated that way as if there was nothing that they could not do.”
“You can either be a host to love our a hostage to ego.”

Thanks again to Hay House and hopefully you were able to receive the gift of his words as I was.


YGL staff